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Swinging Into Summertime

with dōTERRA DIY recipes

We are swinging right into summer with a bang of heat, sunshine and fun outdoors, along with summer barbecues, traveling and vacations. We are always looking for ways to cool off while we play outside, as well as looking for ways to protect our skin when we are in the sun. If you are like me, then you probably also like to enjoy a little after-sun-skin care as well. While we enjoy our outdoor time this summer, we also need to remember to protect our skin by keeping those pesky insects at bay, and it seems everyone runs out to buy bug spray or anti-itch creams for bug bites too. While shopping for summer, we all buy our sunscreens, our skin lotions, and all our skin and sun care for our children too, because we all know that sunburns or bug bites are just no fun. But I have found that unfortunately, so many of these products on the shelves these days have dangerous chemicals in them.

Some of the most worrisome ingredients in sunscreens, and after-sun-care creams, include oxybenzone, one of the known endocrine disruptors, and retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A that may harm skin and possibly lead to skin tumors. I just can't, in my heart of hearts, apply a sunscreen to myself or to children, that contains dangerous chemicals. Same exact thing goes for bug sprays containing chemicals known to disrupt the endocrine system, or anti-itch creams following bug bites.

So instead, I choose to make my own homemade DIY sunscreens, after sun skin sprays, insect repellents and anti-itch soothers too. Enjoy your summer a little more, and with a lot less dangerous chemicals in tow, by trying some of the following great DIY recipes. Get your roller-balls and dōTERRA Essential Oils ready, and have fun mixing your own ingredients!

Sunscreen Recipe (55 SPF)

  • dōTERRA Unscented Lotion
  • 4-5 tablespoons Zinc Oxide Powder
  • 30 drops Helichrysum Oil
  • 10 drops Lavender Oil

Combine all ingredients until smooth and mixed well. Store in a Fractionated Coconut Oil bottle with a pump, or in a glass jar. To use, apply before sun exposure to skin.

Bug Bite Itch Stick

  • 10 drops Lavender Oil                                               
  • 10 drops Peppermint Oil
  • 10 drops Lemon Oil

Combine Oils into a 10ml roller bottle and fill the remainder with FCO. Apply on skin as needed.

After Sun Skin Spray

Sun exposure is good, but too much of it can cause irritation. Next time you deal with discomfort from too much sun, try this after-sun soothing spray with essential oils.

Combine all ingredients in a 16-ounce glass spray bottle, and apply on skin as needed.

Stay Awake Driving Roller Blend

When you're traveling this summer, remember in order to be safe out on the road, you need to stay awake any time you are driving. Using the Stay Awake Blend will help with remaining alert and focused.

  • 5 drops Peppermint Oil
  • 5 drops Wild Orange Oil

Combine Oils into a 10ml roller bottle and fill the remainder with Fractionated Coconut oil. Apply to pulse points and behind the neck, as needed.

Tummy Tamer Roller

When you are enjoying that summer time barbeque, don't forget the tummy tamer blend as a wonderful companion to aid in the digestion of food, soothe occasional upset stomachs, and reduce uncomfortable gas and bloating.

  • 5 drops Digestzen Digestive Blend Oil
  • 5 drops Wild Orange Oil

Combine oils into a 5ml roller bottle and fill the remainder with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Apply to pulse points and behind the neck, but also apply across the abdomen and tummy area.

Flying Confidence Blend

While traveling this summer, you may actually be flying instead of driving, and if you are like me, you may need some extra confidence to get on that plane.

  • 9 drops Frankincense Oil
  • 6 drops Wild Orange Oil
  • 3 drops Lavender Oil

Combine Oils into a 5ml roller bottle and fill the remainder with Fractionated Coconut oil. Apply to pulse points and behind the neck as needed.

As luck would have it, dōTERRA has a July promotion that is offering a FREE Wild Orange, which is one of the most popular essential oils, and is an oil used in most of the above DIY recipes. Take advantage of these DIY recipes this month, along with your dōTERRA purchase to receive your own FREE Wild Orange oil.

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